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Excelente artículo, no sólo desde el punto de vista de cómo llenar una página en blanco para escribir literalmente hablando en un blog o libro, simplemente la imagen que resuena en todas las actividades diarias inmensas en un mundo de cotidianidad donde terminamos siendo héroes o escritores expertos o no pero donde hacemos nuestro mejor trabajo y no dejamos de llenar decenas de páginas en blanco en nuestras vidas y la vida de las personas que nos rodean coma familia, vecinos, compañeros de trabajo. El penúltimo párrafo donde describes que todos tenemos nuestra propia página en blanco es realmente una forma de inspirarnos a empezar a escribir o seguir haciéndolo día a día. Gracias Kate.

Excellent article , not only from the standpoint of how to fill a blank page to write literally a blog or book, just the image that resonates in all our daily activities immense in a world of everyday life which ended up making us being heroes or expert writers or not but where we do our best work and do not stop to fill dozens of blank pages in our lives and the lives of people around us like family, neighbors, coworkers. The penultimate paragraph where you describe that we all have our own blank page is really a form of inspiration to start writing or continue daily . Thanks Kate.

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A guest post from Kate Parrish:

Sometimes (every week) I sit down to write and I stare at the blank page and wonder in terror how the words in my head that I haven’t thought of yet will make it onto the page. Where will they come from? What will they look like? But most importantly, will they appear at all? And at some point each week, without fail, there comes a moment when I think, Nope, I don’t have it in me this week. I have nothing to say about anything. I should just quit and eat some snacks instead. 

But also each week, without fail, I think, Oh, stop being so dramatic and just write something. I’ll give you a snack if you just finish something. And never one to turn down food, I return to the blank page one more time.

The words appear; they always do. They aren’t always…

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