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Increíble inspiración, tiempo sin leer un artículo que transmita la esencia de crear desde el alma y no desde la mente aunque ambas se entrelacen en sinergia para lograr algo sublime. Además de consejos, y otros blogs para seguir (yo mismo me apuntaré a revisar algunos de ellos que me llaman la atención). Gracias Jamie.

Incredible inspiration, a long time without reading an article to forward the essence of creating from the soul and not just from the mind although both are intertwined in synergy to achieve something sublime. In addition to some tips and other blogs to follow (I will point myself to review some of them that are calling my attention) . Thanks Jamie.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Planting the Seeds of a Writing Life

seedlingThere is no short cut to creating a writing life.

There is no 3-step process, no silver bullet, no magic spell.

You plant the seeds. You water. You wait.

Sometimes you say nice things, nurturing words of encouragement and inspiration.

Sometimes you slip up, and mutter dark, sharp things under your breath. Cutting things that slice carelessly into tender green shoots.

But somehow, the seedling survives.

You say you’re sorry. You add some nutrients to the soil. You let some sunshine in.

You keep writing.

Some days, you think you know how this writing life will turn out. You feel like you have a plan. A purpose. A path. It all makes sense, and you work away – pruning and fertilizing – secure in your sense of certainty.

But then, one day, a new blossom appears, and you don’t recognize it. It doesn’t…

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