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Excelente artículo, como amante de las delicias culinarias y de la buena literatura, sobre todo la descriptiva, donde me identifico con el personaje y me pongo en su lugar solo de sentir y vivir sus experiencias como parte de las descripciones de lugares, emociones y sensaciones, no dejo por fuera las gastronómicas, y como lector me apasiona leer como se disfruta un delicioso plato incluyendo todos los sentidos que lo involucran.

Excellent article , as a lover of the culinary delights and good literature, especially the descriptive , when I identify myself with the character and love to be like in his place just to feel and live their experiences as part of the descriptions of places, emotions and sensations not leaving out the gastronomic ones , and as a reader I am passionate about reading how he enjoy the delicious dish including all senses involving him enjoyment.

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Gavin's Buffalo Chicken Dip Gavin’s Buffalo Chicken Dip Image Courtesy of Shannon Stacey.

Has this ever happened to you? Your going along, minding your own beeswax, innocently reading a book and BAM! A character eats something or smells a food and describes it in excruciating detail and your mouth is watering. You just have to have whatever the character is eating and you must haz it now! Nom Nom Nom!!

Sometimes the character is a chef as in the case of Mary Whaley the focus of Lauren Dane’s Lush  or Sarah Morgan’s Élise Philippe from Suddenly Last Summer. Sometimes the characters are just eating a food that sounds yummy. As is the case with Gavin’s infamous buffalo chicken dip in Shannon Stacey’s Kowalksi books. I don’t even really like buffalo chicken, but reading the characters enjoy the cheesy gooeyness that is this dip made me want to stuff my face. *

The principal…

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